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Gallery of Projector Lifting Work 

Video of Projector Lifting Service Ltd Installing a 2.5t penthouse unit in Milton Keynes.  
This was to house an extension of existing works which included a number of compressors.  
We utilised a Spiering SK2400-AT7 self erecting Crane, in order to achieve the radius to the final position. 
This was all organised and completed by Projector under a Contract Lift Agreement. 
Lifting a 273t Hydraulic Gantry Lift System 
Standing up of press prior to installation 
Working at Buckingham Palace removing pipeworks 
Loading of a 53t Rotor on skid into an Antonov. 
300t Hydraulic Gantry Lift System loading Antonov 
200t Hydraulic Gantry Lift System lifting galvanising bath 
Injection moulding machine lifted with mobile crane 
300t Hydrulic Gantry Lift System unloading a 157t transformer 
Projector Lifting Service VersaLift 25/35 
Loading of air products vessel inside works. 
200t Hydraulic Gantry Lifting System offloading 85t Euroshuttle Loco 
Erecting an air separation column in South Africa 
Air Separation plant on tailing bogey 
Lifting in Nuclear facility 
Hydraulic gantry system installing 90t transformer 
Completing the installation of a press using hydraulic gantry